Associated Grocers of the South, Inc. is a full service wholesale grocery cooperative owned by its independent retail grocers. As such, our commitment is to keep the independent retail grocer an essential and viable part of the grocery industry in face of increasing competition from chain stores and super centers. As a wholesale cooperative, we have over 300 member stores who benefit from our special programs designed to give them the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost.

We offer a Net Pricing Program whereby deal allowances are passed on to our membership on every case purchased on deal until the entire inventory is depleted, regardless of when the manufacturer's stated deal has expired. This program is unique within the grocery industry and serves to give Associated Grocers' membership a definite competitive advantage in conjunction with our Cost-Plus Program whereby member stores are charged the original product cost plus markup, based on both purchase volume and travel distance from the warehouse.

To become a member of Associated Grocers of the South, Inc. you must be an independent grocery retailer within the five state area we service. Also, it is expected that the retailer will use Associated Grocers as its primary supplier. A formal application must be submitted and class A and class B stock requirements must be met in accordance with the Bylaws of our Corporation. Once the application is approved, the retailer is accepted for full service.

If you would like more information about our membership programs and requirements, please feel free to call our Sales Department at (205) 808-4821 or e-mail us at bleverett@agsouth.com.


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